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Enrolling your child as an ACE Prep student is starting your child on the path towards college and a life of opportunity.

academics Academics

College success begins in Kindergarten because a child’s ability to learn for the rest of their life is based in an early foundation of literacy. The better and earlier they are able to read, the more they will learn and achieve in the classroom. From the minute students enter Kindergarten, we offer multiple hours daily of literacy and mathematics instruction.

We provide a balanced literacy program with a two-teacher model that delivers instruction in small groups for over 3 hours daily. These groups ensure individualized attention and on-level learning that maximizes growth. We offer an extended math block that includes calculation skills, problem solving, and online math concept building.

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character Character

Strength of character drives a lifetime of success. Students who succeed develop more than just academic content and skill—they possess exceptional strength of character. At ACE Prep, we explicitly develop in our students both academic ability and the social emotional skills necessary for lifelong success and happiness.  We practice a structured, yet engaging, environment that builds a culture of development, one where expectations are clear and strength of character is encouraged and rewarded every day.

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excellence Excellence

A traditional education is perfectly capable of providing your child the foundation they need to achieve success in college. ACE Prep goes above and beyond.

We foster excellence in our students, teachers, parents and administrators to make certain your child has every opportunity to go to college and succeed there. We believe that every child deserves to be prepared for higher education and is capable of achieving the foundation they need with the right combination of academic and character development that our curriculum offers.

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