College Begins in Kindergarten

At ACE Prep, we have an unwavering mindset focused on college preparedness. That means doing everything it takes to achieve literacy goals in early grades – literacy that leads to higher achievement in later life. In order to ensure our own, higher standards of literacy, math and character development, we ask our parents and students to spend more time at school, through extended school days and family events.

Families who choose ACE Prep understand that the extra time invested in their children’s educations is worth the extraordinary results they’ll be able to achieve in college and beyond.


Data Drives Decisions

The stats on college opportunities for students from low-income families don’t paint a great picture: only one in ten will graduate, according to one study. ACE Prep exists to improve those odds by using real-time, specific and individualized data to design our daily instruction.

We frequently assess every child to ensure they are meeting their goals and are performing at or above grade level. Families are kept up to date with those assessments and are given clear and specific expectations for each student. This allows for frequent intervention for all students based on their individual progress. That helps them meet every standard required, and it ensures that they don’t fall behind. At ACE Prep, you can expect to be provided frequent, individualized academic action plans that support a student’s abilities so that both you and your student have a clear path to achieving mastery of core skills well before they’re assessed for advancement.

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