Literacy Is Everything

In order for your child to achieve consistent academic success from elementary school through college, they must learn foundational phonics skills, build strong vocabularies, develop appropriate fluency, and use a variety of comprehension strategies from an early age. Studies show that, time after time, the correct start can be critical in clearing the pathway for higher education. That’s why ACE Prep places an intense focus on literacy instruction.

We start by spending more time with our students. By slightly extending the school day and adhering to a 181-day school year, ACE Prep is able to provide the equivalent of more than 26 extra school days per year than other local districts’ calendars, while sharing most of their traditional breaks and even summer vacation.

In addition to the rigorous literacy model, students will get ample time and instruction from their classroom teacher in math, science and social studies. These subjects are carefully planned around a student’s day and in an environment designed to enrich character development.

More Time to Learn

Our unique literacy instruction model ensures that extra time in the classroom is put to good use. A two-teacher model allows rotation of small groups of students to get quality time with a dedicated literacy teacher, designed to meet the needs of the small group for adaptive, supplemental instruction.

Students will receive 195 minutes of daily literacy instruction from Kindergarten through Sixth- grade.

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