For Families

Put your child on the right track to a life of school success. ACE Prep Academy is a K-6 Public Charter School offering a path to real lifelong opportunity.

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For Teachers

We recruit bright, committed, and capable teachers, value their contributions and invest in their futures.

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For The Community

We take our role in serving the community seriously and rely on your support to help sustain our mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We field a lot of questions from parents about ACE Prep Academy and charter schools in general.

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ACE Prep exists to get your child prepared for college, beginning in Kindergarten. That means a two-teacher model during literacy instruction and ample time for math.

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ACE Prep is committed to character. We teach our BE GREAT core values in a positive, joyful environment because success means more than just academics.

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Excellence doesn’t happen on its own. It takes real work and dedication from engaged families, teachers, administrators and students. That’s exactly what ACE Prep fosters.

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