Welcome to the ACE Prep Academy Online Art Gallery!

Meet our Art Teacher, Miss. Gillespie

“I am so excited to help bring ACE Prep their first art studio!  Prior to coming to ACE Prep, I taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for six years. Last year, when I joined this team, I jumped up a few grades to teach the 5th-grade scholars. While I loved my time as a classroom teacher, my passion has always been teaching art. I finished my master’s in art education last summer and am thrilled for the opportunity to help start the art program here!

I really want this space to be a place where all scholars can really show their creative side and focus more on trying their best than getting “the right answer”.   I have already watched so many scholars turn their mindset from thinking “I can’t do this” to showing “endurance” and being really proud of the outcome! I can’t wait to see how confident scholars become with their art skills this year, watch them work with new materials and subject matter they might not have explored yet, and show it off to all of our amazing families here at ACE Prep and in our Online Art Gallery!  Check back every few weeks as we showcase new works from each grade.”

The first project we are featuring comes from our Kindergarten scholars and is titled:  “Kandinsky Night Sky”

The kindergartners had a blast creating their first art project of the year!  We were inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s piece “Several Circles” when we created our own circle-themed art!  Scholars showed the core value of “team” by using fun neon and sparkly paint to create a variety of circles and dots on a giant piece of paper.  Once they dried, we cut them into circles and glued them onto black paper to symbolize planets in space.  We added details in the background with oil pastels and finally put ourselves in the piece as astronauts!