About ACE Prep

ACE Preparatory Academy (we just call it “ACE Prep”) is a charter school, serving grades K-6.  The school is located on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, in the Greater Broad Ripple area. It was founded by Anna Shults, Indiana Teacher of the Year, in May of 2015 and is currently under the leadership of Principal, Amanda Liles. We believe that your child deserves a great education regardless of where you live. That means a real chance at a life full of opportunities. We value parents who are proactive, not settling for any school, but instead seek out an education their children really deserve.

How Do We Do It?

  • We set clear expectations for students, teachers, families and leadership to ensure that achievement is measured and consistent.
  • We have developed a co-teaching model for reading that goes beyond all common requirements for literacy and jump-starts a child’s formal education.
  • The school day is a little longer at ACE Prep, but the extra time adds up in a hurry. We go beyond the minimum requirements to ensure the time needed for intensive reading and math instruction can take place.

These are just a few of the ways that ACE Prep is ensuring every opportunity for its students. Want to know more? Click to see how we’re committed to academics, character, and excellence or see some frequent questions about charter schools.

The ACE Prep Mission:

Through rigorous academics, positive character development, and excellence in everything we do, ACE Preparatory Academy Charter School educates all Kindergarten through Grade 6 students for school success and lives of opportunity.