Is your scholar interested in extra activities at ACE Prep?  ACE Prep offers scholar activities and programs outside of the normal school day!


Yoga on Wednesdays

Beginning Monday, October 18, ACE Prep will be offering Yoga!  This program is available to all scholars at ACE Prep.

Yoga is Fun!  Other benefits of yoga include:  Building strength and flexibility, increased self confidence, quiet mind, as well as improved balance and mental focus.  During this program, scholars will learn the importance of breathing, stress management, imagination, creativity and self-awareness.

Sessions will take place at ACE Prep Academy on Mondays from 4pm – 5pm.

For more information and to learn about registration fees and how to register your child, please contact Yoga Instructor Tracy Hart or 317-313-9754.



Ladies Under Construction

Beginning Wednesday, October 17, ACE Prep is excited to welcome a new program for our female scholars: Ladies Under Construction!  This program is available to our female scholars in 4th and 5th Grades. 

This is a 9 week leadership and mentoring program that focuses on Self Esteem Building, Character Building, Conflict Resolution and Positive Peer Interactions.

 Girls interact with each other, work on a volunteer project, and also engage in a fundraising activity over the 9 weeks. Upon completion of the 9-week session they are presented with a T-Shirt & Certificate of Completion.  

For more information, and to learn how to register your child, please call 317.721.4582, or visit the Ladies Under Construction Website: